Beautiful skin is every woman longing for goals,  Beauty Machine especially the bride, how to recover in the short pale skin do? Different skin whitening demands are completely different, to learn more about their skin and do the whitening work. Today we asked the experts to elaborate on skin whitening.

Skin whitening strategies are:

1, dot crawl face - regulate the body endocrine

Measures one: the first step in a thorough remover whitening. Solar irradiation of residual makeup will produce a chemical reaction, easy formation of dark spots.

Measures II: an accurate understanding of whitening ingredients. For exfoliating acid products using the best in the evening, during the day to avoid irritation caused by UV rays.

Measures three: uniform color is white focus. Cause a lot of spots, through the use of whitening products eliminate intractable spots unrealistic, and therefore uniform color is very important.

2, yellow and dry - all important moisturizing whitening

Measures one: quickly apply skin care products after washing. After washing the face is not immediately wipe skin care products, the skin will be more dry. Slightly damp skin, more conducive to the absorption of products.

Measures II: eat white food, increase whitening power. Usually eat more foods containing vitamin C, can help restore melanin, avoid spicy food.

Measures three: whitening the same time, do not forget to moisturizer. Only enough whitening mask, whitening and moisturizing products are most suitable for use with mild without stimulation.

3, pale and drained of color - is the key to promote recycling

Measures one: sun calm is very important. Apply before whitening products must be applied after-sun repair products, recovery and other skin whitening products before use, can irritate the skin.

Measures II: choose the right skin whitening products. Different skin types of maintenance procedures are also different ingredients of some products sensitive skin should be used with caution.

Measures three: Regular  Laser Beauty Machine exfoliating whitening help. To reduce the accumulation in the epidermis horny melanin can not be discharged, it is also conducive to absorb nutrition.

4, rough bronze muscles - attention to the sun and maintenance

Measures one: black crush need whitening. I do not know white skin whitening products for girls oh. Whitening products make the skin look more crystal clear.

Measures II: Note photosensitive whitening products. Certain products having photosensitivity, should not be used during the day.

Measures three: UV will accelerate skin aging. Sunscreen is a must daily homework. UV not only make the skin black, it is also the main reason for accelerated skin aging.