Rapid weight loss meal

● appropriate amount of yogurt can 980nm laser   effectively reduce belly

If you do sit-ups a day do almost coma, but still lower abdomen consistent relaxation, the way you should review your diet about it!

Best thin belly food should have the following criteria: contains a lot of fiber, enough to eliminate bloating; containing antioxidants, so you exercise more effective; should contain a sufficient amount of protein to promote metabolic health.

According to studies, people who mainly absorbs calcium from the yogurt has a flatter belly. Most yogurt contains some of the fungi can promote digestive health, reduce bloating, constipation, make your belly look more flat.

But nutritionists are also generally agreed that calorie yogurt higher than milk, in general, heat milk containing 100 grams is 57 kcal, while the full-fat yogurt, sugar-free calories per 100 grams, 62 calories, sugar nonfat yogurt calories per 100 grams, about 72 kcal. The main reason is the increased calorie yogurt processing of adding a lot of sugar. So yogurt diet drink is not how much you can.
Small advice: For those reluctant to yogurt delicious Papan women, it is recommended to select marked with the words skim and low-calorie yogurt, although the taste was not so rich mellow, heat can also slightly lower than the number of milk. If you do not bother, you can also make your own yogurt, oh. We can add some small fruit in the yogurt to improve the taste.

● Try for: 1-3 cups per day of low-fat or nonfat yogurt
Preferably two hours after dinner drink, fasting drinking yogurt, yogurt's health benefits would weaken, two hours after dinner drink, or drink before going to bed, both nourishing care, promote digestion, another exhaust catharsis .

● lose weight fast weight-loss yogurt recipes recommend

Many sisters are talking about the yogurt diet, but the specific operation vary. It is said to be under 3 kg weight loss must be continuous yogurt drink three days, but to lose weight 5 kg or more, consecutive yogurt to 7 days. Due to some well-known artists to take this method to slim down and, after media reports, many people starting to follow suit. The following is a comparison system:

Morning: drinking yogurt to lose weight

Get up every morning, drink a glass of water, then drink a glass of honey water. And then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml), eat a piece of whole wheat bread / bowl of oatmeal. Try to buy low-sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content 1.0─1.5%).


If you feel hungry stomach, then drink a bowl of soup, eat a few mouthfuls of rice or a few biscuits. And then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml). Then eat 100 grams of chicken / beef and mutton / fish / offal / blood. These things mainly iron supplementation. Plus a plate of vegetables, cooked vegetables can not eat tomatoes / large tomato / lettuce. Postprandial drink two cups of tea digestion.


When hungry can drink a cup of yogurt.

At night

Pre-dinner drink a glass of water or soup, then eat a leafy green vegetables (cooked add chicken soup place, plus a few drops of sesame oil or salad). And then at noon the same as eating a cup of yogurt. Hungry can eat some fruit.

User Experience:

I like the sport to finish dinner yogurt only about 200 ml, together with a large glass of apple and honey water to lose weight, so that both bowel and detoxification, and the stomach become smaller, I want to lose weight is the most important dinners.
· Tried for three days and yogurt diet meals, lost about 3 pounds of it, but after a successful weight-loss, eating and drinking is also very easy to rebound ......
· I'm using it to lose weight yogurt apple bread, the effect is obvious, in May, when the success of minus 10 pounds a day, pound out the meat, but a few days did not  tattoo removal machine pay attention to diet ticked up. Later, changes in diet and lifestyle, while at the yogurt diet, lose weight after not re fat.

Xiaobian tips: yogurt diet low calorie meal, not long-term practice

One day when Chinese Communists to drink about 800 ml of yogurt, plus 50 grams of grain, 100 grams of meat / fish, 400 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of fruit. 1000─1200 kcal of energy throughout the day. This is a very low-calorie diet.

This is actually a half-off food, this period will be very hungry to lose weight, but this method is not very dangerous in the short term, but the long run there is likely to be malnourished; and if you do not have to change their eating habits and lifestyle, there is no guarantee there is no check fat dangerous.

So, a few days after the implementation of yogurt diet to 980nm diode laser  restore normal nutritional diet, not long-term practice.